Friday, June 18, 2010

Cheap at half the price

Ever wonder what $21,664 L will buy you? Yeah, me neither. But by pure chance, I stumbled across the answer:

It's this ginormous bed from Lovers Playground. It is massive  - in size and options. According to its write up on xStreet, it has "1472 animations PLUS our 42 MINUTE Kamastura Love Scene".  I wonder if anyone actually counts the animations after they buy a bed like this.

I went over to the shop, here, and took a look myself. The bed itself is attractive enough - as are most of their products. Ornate furniture isn't my first choice, but this looks well put together. The scale and proportion is over the top though -  I suppose if you're using the maximum number of people (6) and they've all got height sliders on max, then you're going to need the extra room. But otherwise, two people are a little dwarfed.

The shop does have some other interesting (and less expensive) beds and a variety of other furniture -- including a really intriguing looking picnic/beach blanket. Some of the poses are new to me, some look the same as most any bed in SL.  All in all, worth a look.

1 comment:

  1. That is one BIG bed.
    I don't count animations but I do count prims....