Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hair we go

Oh come on, you had to know I'd use a pun - that pun - for the first post about hair!

I got me some new hair. It's Omnia in the colour cocoa (yes, most of my hair has some reference to chocolate) from ::69::. I'd give you the LM or slurl, but they're almost impossible to find. I think the shop is in the process of a reorganization, but all the old styles are still available. Do a search for Kumii Yoshikawa (the creator) and check out the second link on her picks.

I love long hair, but SL long hair comes with lots of issues for me -- mostly how it bisects my body.  Nothing ruins a scene so quickly as my hairy chest when long hair penetrates from back to front. But I'm making an exception for this one. It's not overly long for starters - that limits the hairy chest syndrome. The quality and fit are superb. I have two others from ::69:: and every bit of high praise I've read about the shop and its designer are fully warranted.

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