Thursday, June 17, 2010

When silks aren't really silks

Often times I find things when I'm looking for something entirely different. This set of silks, for example. It's from the shop, Deviance, and is not really a set of silks at all. It's a sorceress' outfit and includes a free shape (which I haven't tried) and staff (which doesn't seem appropriate to carry around in Glint).

In any event, I loved the outfit and I received numerous compliments today when it had its début. The skirt was enormous at first and, unfortunately, doesn't come with a resizer. I started off trying to adjust each prim but gave up on that quickly enough. I ended up resizing the object as a whole and (for a change) that worked really well. The skirt has a lovely drape and sway to it when walking. The lines of the top are not perfect, but generally are crisp and clean. Overall, it's a very pretty set.

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