Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home sweet pixels.

When I'm no where else to be found in world, this is where you can probably find me. I built this house a few months ago and I've been pretty pleased with the result.

In my early days in SL, I was a commercial home builder. I had a business and was lucky enough to have some success at that, but it was exhausting. When I realised that I was putting in a full work week (and then some) in real life and coming home to grind away several more hours a night at my SL job, I really began to resent it. I took a break and I guess I'm still on it. My business folded but from time to time I run across one of my old houses. I'm at once startled and flattered and embarrassed.

I do have most of the old houses still - it's amazing what my purse holds. If anyone wants a very basic, very low prim house (I think I have a three room for 16 prims) - give me a holler.

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